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Beaufort Massage Therapy
Beaufort Massage Therapy
Beaufort Massage Therapy

Specializing in Myofascial Release Therapy

Welcome to Serenity Massage of Beaufort SC. Maggie Rogers, RDH, LMT, CPT, specializes in Myofascial Relief Therapy. This form of therapy focuses on connective tissue restrictions, which can lead to muscle pain and other symptoms. Connective tissue runs throughout the body and supports, runs through, and protects muscles and organs. Trauma, poor posture, and everyday activities that stress the human body can lead to myofascial restrictions. For more information about this therapy, please go to She also offers craniosacral therapy and traditional massage therapy services.

As part of her therapeutic services, Maggie provides homecare instructions for each client in order to maximize the benefits of her treatments.

Serenity Massage & Therapeutic Bodywork is located at The Omni Gym at 2127 Boundary Street in Beaufort, South Carolina.

As a former Air Force officer and police officer, Maggie offers discounted services to active-duty military and their family members, veterans and emergency services personnel. Omni members also receive a discount.

Maggie is available Monday-Saturday, by appointment. Call her at (843)263-5868 to book your appointment.

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A truly therapeutic and professional massage

Finding Maggie at Serenity Massage, so close by in Port Royal, has truly been a blessing! I’ve been fortunate to have enjoyed body massages as far away as Hawaii; however, none have been as relaxing or beneficial as those so close to home. I’ll make an effort to enjoy her services once a month, or […]